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Lister Bolt and Chain has been an industry leader since our founding as a blacksmith shop in 1911
at Vancouver, BC, Canada. As manufacturers of logging equipment and fire-welded chain for log booms
and mooring systems, Lister soon expanded manufacturing capability to include bolts for construction and
marine applications. Lister outgrew its facility and in 1970 opened a new 60,000 sq ft plant in Richmond,
BC. At this time, Lister entered the Liner Bolt market and during the  next 30 years, Lister Bolt & Chain
established itself as a premier manufacturer of liner bolts and accessories to OEMs, liner producers,
distributors, and end users.

December of 1996, Lister Bolt & Chain was acquired by Columbus McKinnon Corporation. In 2001,
the Lister forging operations, were consolidated with Dixie Industries in Chattanooga, TN. Dixie,
a long-established company with extensive forging experience, undertook the task of maintaining
the standards for product and service established at the Richmond facility.

Today, in a team effort between Dixie Industries and Lister's experienced personnel, the transition
is complete. We continue to manufacture and supply quality products for our loyal customers in the mill
grinding industry around the world. We will continue to strive to exceed our customers' expectations
for all of their requirements.

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