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Lister Bolts's primary product lines include liner bolts and the accesssories required for a complete mill liner
fastening system. As a leading manufacturer of liner bolts over the years, Lister has acquired a vast library
of drawings and an inventory of forging dies to meet our customers' bolt requirements.

Our manufacturing capabilities extend from 5/8" diameter for cooler grate t-head bolts through 2" diameter oval head liner bolts with 6" head extension commonly found in autogenous and SAG mills. Available bolt lengths range from 3" to 45" or longer as required.

Lister's primary materials include AISI 1020 for low carbon bolts, 1045 and 1541 for medium carbon bolts, and 4140 for alloy bolts. Bolts are available in Lister proprietary grades (in accordance with SAE Fasterner Standards), as well as to ASTM
A307, A325, A449, A193B7, and A354 BC and BD. Metric liner bolts are also available in a full range
of grades including grades 404, 8.8 and 10.4.

To compliment this extensive range of liner bolts, Lister also offers a complete range of mill liner washers,
seals, and nuts. Our patented washer and seal assembly has become a universal standard accessory for
leakage prevention in the grinding industry worldwide. For enlarged or elongated bolt holes, Lister has
designed cone repair seals in diameters of 1" through 2". Available in standard 60 durometer rubber or
neoprene, seals can be special ordered from EPDM rubber or silicon for use in corrosive or high
temperature applications. To complete our mill liner fastening system, a full range of industrial nuts,
including standard hex and heavy hex and most popular locking nuts are supplied.

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